5 Bespoke bedroom furniture trends you should know about

23rd March 2023
What do bespoke fitted wardrobes have to do with trends?

One of the most transformational ways of breathing new life into your home is freshening up the bedroom.

Whether a new bespoke statement piece or a full room makeover, the style and storage potential of solid wood can never be understated.

Here are five of the latest bespoke bedroom furniture trends that will transform and elevate, with all the finery and functionality of the most aspirational homes of 2023.


1 Storage space, Storage space, Storage space
Peter Tomkinson

It has always been storage, storage and more storage as the priority. The balance between the aesthetic of the furniture and being capable of holding items you hadn’t considered (suitcases!) now includes an increased demand for the ‘wow factor.’Peter Tomkinson

Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture, from fitted wardrobes to shelving to clever storage solutions you haven’t even considered yet, can only be made possible by incorporating handpicked and handcrafted solid wood. Made to measure fitted and built-in wardrobes completely bespoke to your lifestyle will maximise storage space without sacrificing the wow factor.


2 Natural elements

In the world of interior design we are seeing more natural wood being infused into projects in new and exciting ways, such as raised bed platforms, or in colour palette choices in which calm nature inspired browns and yellows are favoured for tranquil, reflective spaces.

While this trend is on the rise in 2023, particularly when it comes to lighting fixtures, textiles and wallpaper, the rising trend of natural wood furniture is not going anywhere. Classic, neutral applications of handcrafted natural wood have stood the test of time for a reason.


3 Soft curves

Hard angles and straight lines have started to become less popular and instead, curves, waves and softer headline features in the bedroom are becoming more popular. This relaxed, friendly atmosphere is paired very well with the natural elements mentioned above; all of which greatly benefit from the inclusion of handcrafted solid wood.

Rather than think of solid wood as straight, boxy, chunky or cumbersome, think of it as a natural material that has adapted to the curves, twists and turns of ordinary life for many generations.


4 Bold statement features

Hand in hand with the rise of reality TV, we have never had more access to the lives of those we choose to watch on our screens and see the statement environments in which they live. Storage for accessories such as ties and belts which once might have been tucked away are now compartmentalised and made a prominent feature in fabric lined drawers.

There are so many more ways we can personalise your favourite items, such as slide out trays of differing sizes for jewellery, segmented pillows for a collection of timepieces and many more. Shelves for shoes are no longer in the dark bottoms of wardrobes, they’re lit up and in central feature positions showing off all the colours and styles of your collection. – Peter Tomkinson


5 Creating texture with lighting

Combining patterns and textures for an eclectic, creative feel is a really fun approach to bedroom design that we are pleased to say is on the rise. Stark contrasting features and fittings are inspiring confidence in us to express ourselves and there are a number of ways to achieve this.

Think beyond wallpaper and patterned cushions for a moment; how can you create texture using the furniture itself, triggering all of your bodily senses for a uniquely textured experience that can only be experienced in your bespoke living space?

Do you want the cabinets lit from the rear to create a halo around your clothes, or would you prefer the lighting at the front or on the underside of shelves as though the clothes are in the spotlight? – Peter Tomkinson


Fitted bedroom furniture that never goes off trend

As we study the rise and fall of trends such as these year-on-year, it is clear that the dream bedroom is about more than eliminating awkward space or wasted space. Luxury bedroom furniture should be crafted to make the statements you want to make today, but include the functionality and features you need for timeless enjoyment. Let us help you find the right balance.