5 Reasons bespoke fitted furniture makes all the difference

23rd March 2023

No two living spaces are the same. If you have ever visited a friend or relative’s home and been inspired by the look, feel and style of what they have created, remember; the solutions that work for them won’t necessarily work for you. That’s why bespoke works.

Bespoke fitted furniture means unique luxurious design that adds real value to your home and lifestyle. It also means elegantly infusing convenience, functionality and practicality into your home with the exact measurements and materials you need for your own personal environment.

Here are five reasons why we take pride in crafting bespoke fitted furniture not for you, but with you.


No two fitted wardrobes are the same

As families grow over the years, the need for more (or less) bedrooms is often a challenge. The individuals that occupy these bedrooms deserve their own unique space. Meanwhile, in communal areas such as hosting spaces like the living room, you want to create an experience that can be enjoyed, but also shared. These aspects of living always change from house to house and from space to space.

We’re all individuals, every one of us. I suspect even identical twins with the same house wouldn’t configure identical pieces, and approaching a service such as ours we can provide furniture that fits your home and how you use it perfectly. – Peter Tomkinson


Bespoke furniture doesn’t believe in ‘settling’

Sometimes, functionality feels like all that is needed; however, the time comes when creating the right storage space, the right functionality and an enjoyable experience can and must be prioritised.

When configuring furniture from a retailer as opposed to a manufacturer you choose your favourite from what they can offer which sadly may covertly necessitate the buyer having to ‘make do’ and say to yourself ‘I could live with that’. – Peter Tomkinson


It’s about more than taste

As specialists in crafting completely bespoke furniture, our actions are ultimately led by you. However, we work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your living space. The environment in which you sleep, work and play deserves to reach its highest potential, in terms of giving you and your loved ones a healthy, happy life. This is the gift that bespoke furniture can provide, if done right.

With L&T we adjust the design exactly to your requirements while still being sympathetic to the environment in which it will ultimately be. – Peter Tomkinson


From our home to yours

Building your dream fitted furniture should be about more than high-quality materials. We are proud of the solid wood materials we have crafted into unique, luxurious and inspirational fitted bedroom furniture across the world. However, the reason we do it is the people that use it.

With each project we are entirely invested in the standard of product and service that you deserve. Here at L&T you will be seeing and speaking to the same people throughout your journey and we welcome you being a part of the process. – Peter Tomkinson


Made for you and with you

Bespoke bedroom furniture, made-to-measure to exact specifications with clever storage solutions to sit perfectly in your bedroom or dressing room requires more than a steady hand with tools.

Whether you are looking for bespoke fitted wardrobes, home offices with ample storage space or a shelving solution for sloping ceilings, what you are really looking for is the care, love and attention your home deserves, from an expert designer and craftsman that really understands you.

As we create these pieces together we strive to provide you with our utmost care and best service.- Peter Tomkinson

That’s why we encourage you to get in touch and have a conversation with us about your ideas and requirements before your bespoke furniture journey begins.