Bespoke wooden furniture, exclusively designed.

Completely bespoke furniture for private residences.

With 75 years of craftsmanship and an extensive selection of designer creativity at your service, you can transform any part of an entire private residence into the only living space of its kind. Creating high quality furniture, tailored without limits, inspired by wood.

With solid wood furniture, even fitted bedroom wardrobes tell a story.

Wood has a life and a journey of its very own, which is why no two pieces made of wood will ever be the same. This is the inspiration that drives us to maximise woodworking and cabinetry to the limits of even the most creative of imaginations.

Our master craftsmen work together with property owners, interior design consultants and architects to create a unique furniture collection that compliments unique properties and lifestyles.

Furnish your private residence, estate or property portfolio with pieces that tell your story the ideal way, with inventive functionality that inspires your guests to participate and enjoy your story with you.

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The more we get to know you, the more we get to know the furniture styles, colours and materials to tell your story.

After a relaxed, no obligation consultation process, we will proceed with working up your dream designs, using our own unique blend of time-honoured traditional woodworking techniques and state of the art design technology. The Lancaster and Tomkinson design experience is something we are especially proud of.

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