Handmade furniture questions, advice and inspiration

Our goal is to furnish your house with top quality furniture that meets your design specifications, built to the very highest standards from the world’s best quality wooden materials. It starts with quality service.

Explore the commonly asked questions below and do not hesitate to contact us with questions of your own for our team of designers and craftsmen.

  • Do you provide bespoke furniture near me?

    Our workshop and offices are based in Newcastle-under-Lyme in the very heart of the UK, and very conveniently situated to allow us to happily extend our dedicated service the length and breadth of the UK.. But we don’t stop there, so far our farthest reaching piece of furniture is in Barbados.

    Our workshop and offices are based in Stoke-on-Trent in the very heart of the UK, the birthplace of our company. We are proud to service the entire country with top quality furniture, with free delivery to UK addresses.

  • What are the benefits of bespoke furniture?

    When it comes to quality furniture, style trends come and go, but no two homes are the same. Even the most contemporary designs benefit greatly from the personal touch, something that only bespoke furniture artisans can provide well.

    Bespoke furniture is personal, therefore it remains timeless. Just as no two customers are the same, no two tables, wardrobes or sideboards designed by Lancaster & Tomkinson will ever be the same.

  • How does custom furniture work?

    We begin with a consultation with our designers and craftsmen, who will get to know you and help deliver a vision for your interiors using the latest design technology. Together we will discuss everything from style to lighting to colours to functionality.

    Throughout the service, our craftsmen use a unique combination of contemporary and traditional industrial methods to bring your bespoke furniture to life. Every piece sold receives equal care and attention, whether we are crafting a dining table, a bench or a full suite of luxury interiors.

  • Why wooden handmade furniture?

    Handcrafted wood is our business and we love it. It's warm to see and touch. The differences across the species we use is vast, no tree is the same so every piece we sculpt is unique. It is our medium to provide you with the form and function you desire. Every piece of wood, like every customer, has its own history and heritage. Our artisan craftsmen customise each piece to produce something that is created to reflect that.

    Handcrafted wood is our business. It is the only material in existence that can match our passion for quality and sustainability, unlimited style choices and flair for inventiveness. These are values we have carried throughout past generations as woodworkers and the materials we use have never let us down.

    Every piece of wood, like every customer, has its own history and heritage. Our artisan craftsmen customise each piece to produce something that is created to reflect that.

  • Where can I find handmade furniture ideas?

    Start with the portfolio of styles on our website. We have a wealth of bespoke furniture examples to help get you started, but we are proud to create something new each and every time.

    Send us a message or call our shop if you need us to help create some style ideas for your next piece.

  • What makes top quality furniture stand out?

    Fine pieces of furniture may stand out at first, by their appearance alone.
    However, the range of materials chosen, attention to details like functionality, use of light and space in the room and longevity are elements that elevate furniture to where they can be defined as generational pieces. This is the bespoke furniture difference.

  • Do you provide home delivery?

    We can indeed. Our company vehicles are adapted to cater for the transportation of furniture and we take great care when loading even for very short journeys. However should you wish to collect, we would be more than happy to welcome you for the handover.

    All of our bespoke furniture is delivered free to UK postcodes. Tell us more about your house, shop, offices or company headquarters and we can offer expert advice on having everything prepared for delivery day.

  • The projects on your site are quite sizeable. I only have a small room, would you be happy to look at something for me?

    Of course! We have worked in a vast array of different properties, ranging from a started flat, retirement bungalows all the way to palatial brand new or period residences

  • I've seen something I like, but it's not quite ‘right’. Can you help?

    Absolutely. We are tailors in wood and we all take great pride in providing for you something that fits your needs perfectly and will always be just yours

  • I love what I already have, it just doesn’t fit with the new décor. What are my options?

    In all honesty, we can give you loads of options. We have a fully appointed workshop with wood machining, panel processing, painting/polishing & repairing abilities. In whatever way your piece needs a ‘glow up’, we can surely help.

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