Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is where we begin and end each day. The bedroom is where we rest, rejuvenate and prepare for the day ahead. Without a comfortable setting, convenient use of space, light and storage, we would not be able to prepare ourselves for the unique lifestyle that we have created.

Why fitted bedroom furniture?

 Lancaster and Tomkinson take pride in crafting bespoke fitted bedroom furniture, including bespoke fitted wardrobes, freestanding wardrobes, bedside pedestals, cabinets and all the features and facilities you need in your most personal and treasured living space.

Rethink storage space

Sometimes luxury bedroom furniture is just a question of storage space. Your dream bedroom must compliment your dream aesthetic, but it must also maximise storage space; it must be made to measure. Bespoke fitted wardrobes adapt to your life’s unique needs as time goes on.

fitted wardrobes

Preparing for the day ahead the right way instils confidence in everyone. Your wardrobe has a role to play in that. Lancaster and Tomkinson’s 75 year reputation as master craftsmen in cabinet making enables us to craft fitted bedroom wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, freestanding wardrobes and entire rooms perfectly tailored to your requirements, completely bespoke to you.

From door styles, to shoe racks, to hanging space, to adapting to limited space or awkward space such as sloping ceilings, wardrobe design is about the perfect solution to eliminate wasted space and maximise the joyful experience.

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