Managing the challenges of bespoke kitchen design

23rd March 2023
High quality, bespoke kitchens aren’t easy

It cannot be understated how important the kitchen is. As you read this, we guarantee at least five essential tasks of your day were carried out in the kitchen this morning. 

Creating a bespoke kitchen design that genuinely meets all of your needs and the needs of your loved ones, whilst reflecting the unique personality of the people that occupy it, is no simple task.

We take pleasure in the challenge. We enjoy finding the right materials and colours and crafting bespoke pieces, storage solutions and layouts to intertwine with your lifestyle as well as modern and classic trends.

We’d love to talk to you about your kitchen aspirations and show you the many ways in which it can happen. First, let’s address some of the major challenges of bespoke kitchen design and how Lancaster and Tomkinson’s handcrafted craftsmanship is always up to the challenge.


Understanding what personalised storage really means

First and foremost, it’s crucial to establish how you use your kitchen, how this crucial part of your personal world fits into your life, and how to skilfully and logically create a desirable package for your uses. – Peter Tomkinson

Luxury kitchens with bespoke cabinetry don’t start with a piece of wood; they start with a piece of paper. We want to know about your day-to-day life, how you use the space around you. From there, we will craft that space perfectly in our design process so that your new kitchen space is tailored naturally to the practical needs of your home.


You need a forward thinking interior designer

It’s always good to establish straightaway what people really mean when kitchen design is the subject. Are we talking about the ‘what goes where’ layout planning or simply the way a kitchen looks? Both are inherently intertwined but I find it wise to have separate conversations about each to help to naturally establish the meeting of the two. – Peter Tomkinson

Bespoke design is a process. In today’s society, the modern kitchen needs more than clean lines and a sleek, celebrity inspired look. Just as home offices have evolved in recent years, bespoke kitchens have evolved over the last generation, which is why our designers want to carefully take time over yours.


Plan YOUR dream luxury kitchen; not someone else’s

Managing expectations is also something that must be kept in mind. The glossy magazines, the photo reels online show lavishly appointed kitchens with an abundance of natural light and high quality fittings – mimicking styles into another environment is not always plain sailing, though problems can become successes with simple adjustments that personalise the scheme and tie them with your home. – Peter Tomkinson

Bespoke kitchen building is about getting inspired, drawing inspiration and making a dream space a reality, but it has to be your dream, your space and your ambition through our expertise.


Turn initial inspiration into complete freedom, not complication

The world of kitchen trends is always moving, with modern social media and access to celebrities, product placement on TV, we’re all seeing more kitchens than ever before (whether we’re noticing or not!) What I’m always concerned about is what will date quickly and what is timeless. I am not a member of the throwaway world, we create interiors that last and importantly, ones you want to keep. – Peter Tomkinson

We want to create a new kitchen whose style is inspired primarily by you. While celebrity trends come and go, and we are exposed to more and more luxury interiors on television and social media each day, you play the leading role in your story. We believe the heart of your home should reflect that.

Let’s start by having a conversation about what bespoke kitchen design means to you. Contact us via the website and our designers will be in touch to start your journey.