Bespoke Home Furniture Crafted in Staffordshire

Bespoke furniture, designed from wood to a high quality finish for 75 years. High quality furniture from world leading materials is what we do. Complimenting your home with a hand finished centrepiece or collection you can be proud of, is why we do it.

What does bespoke furniture mean?

Every item you see from the extensive range on our website is specifically crafted to individual needs, ideas and lifestyles. Classic, French style furniture, contemporary pieces with ultra-modern functionality and everything in between is possible.

With our specialised support, our 75 years of quality craftsmanship and our industry leading production methods, the next piece to compliment your home is limited only by your imagination. That’s what bespoke furniture means to Lancaster & Tomkinson.

Why solid wood furniture?

It’s a well known fact in our business that woodworkers are simply built differently.

We are drawn to the smell of the factory, the natural warmth and feel of wood, knowing that every piece has its own life story, which we are committed to continue.

The benefits of crafting solid wood into artisan furniture are many, such as the way it captures and accentuates lighting, or the way no two pieces are truly equal, resulting in an inspiring new creation every single time.

Quite simply, if you are ready to bring something into the home that will create memories for you and your loved ones for decades to come:

  • Solid wood furniture is naturally stylish and unique.
  • Solid wood is endlessly versatile.
  • Solid wood furniture is durable and long-lasting.
  • Solid wood naturally compliments both traditional and modern collections.
  • Solid wood is timeless when treated with love and respect.

Artisan furniture by Lancaster & Tomkinson

Lancaster & Tomkinson has maintained an unrivalled reputation in unique furniture making and restoration for 75 years, through traditional values, a rich heritage in craftsmanship and industrial technology and techniques which we hold to the very highest standard.
Contact us to arrange a consultation. Discover our creative and inventive designs and let’s discuss your design inspiration. We offer free delivery to UK mainland addresses.

Commercial Wood Furniture

Talk to us about your commercial furniture requirements; Lancaster & Tomkinson have unrivalled experience in classic and modern furniture for a professional setting.

From hard wearing desks for business, to stylish restaurant tables for elegant hospitality, our long lasting, timeless wood finishes are specifically designed to make the right statement, in the right environment.

Wooden Furniture Restoration & Conservation

Quality wood furniture grows with you and your loved ones and becomes part of your family’s history. We provide a professional restoration and conservation service on antique furniture, modern furniture and any piece that needs restoring to its original splendour.

Using a combination of traditional methods, modern furniture restoration techniques and only the finest materials, we take pride in giving antique and modern furniture a timeless quality which can be enjoyed for another generation or more.