Wooden Furniture Restoration and Conservation

Quality wood furniture grows with you and your loved ones and becomes part of your family’s history. We provide a professional restoration and conservation service on antique furniture, modern furniture and any piece that needs restoring to its original splendour.

Restoring wood furniture with love and respect

Using a combination of traditional methods, modern furniture restoration techniques and only the finest materials, we take pride in giving antique and modern furniture a timeless quality which can be enjoyed for another generation or more.

Make your antique furniture timeless

Antique furniture restoration is about restoring and preserving the timeless qualities that were always there in the first place. Where others see old wood furniture, we see the potential to bring joy to another generation.

If your wood furniture needs restoring to new life, or you’d like to complement your modern pieces with a classic style, or if you’d like to restore wood furniture that has a deep personal connection to you and your loved ones, contact us today.

Furniture painting service

At Lancaster & Tomkinson, we use only the finest selection of materials to create beautiful pieces of furniture, to be enjoyed for many years to come. This includes our bespoke painting service. All of our furniture is expertly painted by our team of skilled craftsmen to deliver the perfect finish.

Whether it is a new piece of wood furniture crafted by us, or old furniture that has seen generations of memories in your family, we believe every piece, from tables to chairs are an amazing work of art that deserve to be made timeless.

Furniture spray painting
services with a difference

With an extensive paint palette of colours to suit any taste and style, we provide you with an unlimited range of quality options to choose from, ensuring your painted furniture fits perfectly into your home. Our professional furniture spray painting service takes special care of loved furniture that needs a new lease of life.

Old furniture, new life

In most homes, there are pieces of furniture that have been much loved for many years, but may now be dated or not fit within new and modern living spaces.

Painting furniture is a great alternative to buying new, and allows you to keep hold of items that you may be fond of or have sentimental value.