The Lancaster & Tomkinson Approach

11th October 2022
This year we are celebrating 75 years of Lancaster & Tomkinson.

Incorporated in 1947, Lancaster & Tomkinson have been crafting bespoke furniture for decades, with skills passed down from generation to generation, ensuring only the finest quality craftsmanship and specialist skills and knowledge are applied to each piece of furniture we create.

Whether we are designing a side table or fitting out an entire home, the same care and attention to detail goes into each piece of furniture, ensuring our customers receive a piece that is unique to them.


The process


Each enquiry starts with a one-to-one consultation where we understand your vision and take a look at the location, dimensions and potential of your space.

We discuss feature preferences, your style and how you intend on using your bespoke piece in the future.

For example, when conducting kitchen consultations, we will gain an understanding of what’s important to you. Whether that’s family space, particular cuisine tastes or wine storage – these elements are fundamental to providing a kitchen you’ll use and love for many years.


Seeing is believing and part of our process is to hand draw your vision to exacting specifications and dimensions. Our specialist drawings enable our customers to get a glimpse of the final result and at this stage can make any amends.


All of our bespoke furniture is loving handmade in our Staffordshire workshop. Our specialist cabinet makers are trained to the highest of standards to deliver only the finest quality pieces. We invite our clients to be part of this journey and will happily show you the manufacturing process of your order.


Traditional values, craftsmanship of the individual and the uniqueness of a handmade finish, are all things that continue to be revered and regarded as luxurious and aspirational.

Though we embrace and seek out all the latest changes and advancements in the industry, they are always applied alongside traditional skills and keen eye for detail and care.